The English Department at Wichita State University has developed guidebooks for the following courses:

  • English 101
  • English 102

If your instructor requires you to purchase these guidebooks you must do so at the University Bookstore the first week of classes. Select courses do not require the purchase of these common syllabi (guidebooks), so if you are unsure of this requirement you should ask your instructor. These guidebooks help maintain consistency within our composition program and provide students with complete information about the program, students rights and responsibilities, and classroom contracts. These contracts ask students to affirm that they understand what constitutes plagiarism and implies their best efforts to avoid deliberately copying another author’s work. Guidebooks also explain the basics of Blackboard and SafeAssignments, two software programs WSU has purchased to help deliver course materials and detect plagiarism respectively.

Most importantly, however, the guidebooks provide students with the major assignments for their respective courses. If the guidebooks are assigned for the course students should be aware that the assignments should always be administered as presented. These guidebooks help our instructors keep the classes on track and help students know that they are receiving the best and most consistent education in their composition courses at WSU.