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Hugo Wall Graduate Assistants and Fellowships

Each year the Hugo Wall School of Public Affairs awards eight to ten graduate assistantships to outstanding students pursuing a Master of Public Administration degree at Wichita State University. Graduate assistants work directly with faculty and staff on research and community service projects through the Kansas Public Finance Center and Environmental Finance Center.

Graduate assistantships are awarded primarily on the basis of a student's academic record, demonstrated leadership abilities and potential for success in the field of public and nonprofit management. To be eligible for a graduate assistantship, a student must be admitted to the Master of Public Administration in full standing meeting minimum 3.0 GPA requirements.

Assistants are expected to work 20 hours per week and pursue their graduate degree on a full-time basis. Currently, assistants earn a stipend of $10,500 for a nine-month appointment. Graduate assistants are also eligible to apply for fellowships which are awarded competitively.

Graduate Assistant Job Description

Four endowed fellowships in the Hugo Wall School provide financial assistance to students enrolled in the Master of Public Administration degree. These fellowships are awarded on a competitive basis with preference given to graduate assistants showing exemplary records and specific career interests in the field of public administration. Applications are due Febuary 15 for Hugo Wall assistantships and fellowships that begin in the fall.

The following fellowships are available:

  • The Hugo Wall Fellowship was established in 1973 to honor the contributions made to community service and the field of public administration by the late Professor Hugo Wall. Hugo Wall fellowships are awarded to outstanding students with a career interest in public administration.
  • The George Pyle Fellowship was initiated in 1990 by members of the Wichita State University Managers Association (WSUMA), to honor George Pyle's thirty-nine years of service in the field of city management, the last twenty-two years as city manager of Hutchinson, Kansas. George Pyle Fellowships are awarded to graduate students planning careers as city or county managers.
  • The George Van Riper Fellowship was established in 1997 from an endowment honoring the late George Van Riper, a graduate of the MPA degree program and practitioner in the field of public finance. Van Riper fellowships are awarded to graduate students planning careers in public finance. Van Riper Fellows work primarily on research and community service projects through the Kansas Public Finance Center.
  • The Mike Hill Fellowship was initiated in 2001 to honor Mike Hill's 37 years of public service in behalf of the citizens of Wichita and Sedgwick County. The Mike Hill Fellowship is intended to provide financial assistance to graduate students with education and experience in law enforcement who seek to advance in the field of public management.

There are a variety of external scholarship opportunities available to students with public administration research interests. Check back for updates and additions to current scholarship opportunities.


The MPA degree program is made up of 13 courses at 3 credit hours each. 39 total credit hours are needed to graduate.

In fiscal year 2016, Wichita State University graduate tuition and fees are $965.76 per course for residents and $2,161.26 per course for non-residents. The total cost of the MPA degree is $12,554.88 for residents and $28,096.38 for non-residents.

Wichita State University 2018 Tuition and Fees

MPA Application for Financial Assistance

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