PAdm 785: Public Works Administration

3 Credit Hours


Course Objectives:

  • Understanding the background, tasks, and work environment of the public works professional
  • Understanding the relationship between public works organizations and general government administration.
  • Understanding fundamental public works policy, planning, and project analysis tools.
  • Understanding basics of public works procurement, purchasing, and contract administraion.
  • Understanding of major functional areas involving public works.

Course Description:

  • An introduction to public works administration and management. Includes discussion of public works professionals; public works organizations and institutions; infrastructure planning, policy, and project analysis; procurement, purchasing, and contract administration; geographic information systems; and transportation, water, waste water, and surface water system construction, maintenance, and replacement.

Major Topics Covered:

  • Public Works and the Role of Infrastructure
  • Public Works Professionals and Organizations
  • Civil and Structural Engineering and Construction
  • Public Works Information Systems
  • Public Works Policy, Planning, and Project Anlysis
  • Public Works Procurment, Purchasing, and Contract Administration
  • Public Facilities, Vehicles, and Equipment Management
  • Stree, Road, and Highway Design and Traffic Safety Management
  • Pavement Construction and Maintenance
  • Street Sanitation and Snow and Ice Control
  • Storm Water Management
  • Water Supply, Treatment, Storage, and Distribution
  • Wastewater Collection, Treatment, and Discharge
  • Solid Waste Collection, Recycling, and Disposal