The Social Action, Violence, & Inequities (SAVI) research group is focused on improving our understanding of sexual violence, intimate partner violence, and stalking through the use of both quantitative and qualitative methods. Our overarching goal is to conduct empirical research that may be used to inform interpersonal violence prevention and response efforts. Our current interests include examining how social media communities can be leveraged to promote collective actions that counter rape culture, correlates of online disclosures of victimization experiences, factors that may encourage or discourage bystander helping behaviors in online environments, victims’ individual pathways to activism, and the role that one’s social identities and/or knowledge of intersectionality may play in each of these areas.

A limited number of undergraduate research assistant positions will become available in the fall of 2019. Current WSU undergraduate students who have an interest in our lab and want to gain research experience this fall (or in subsequent semesters) should complete the Undergraduate Research Assistant Application Form in its entirety and email it to Dr. Demers.  It is also anticipated that our lab will accept new graduate students in the fall of 2020. Those considering applying to the PhD program in Community Psychology who are interested in our research should contact Dr. Demers directly with any questions.

Dr. Jennifer M. Demers
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