School of Social Work at Wichita State University in Wichita, Kansas

The School of Social Work is located on the beautifully landscaped, art adorned campus of Wichita State University. WSU's location in the city of Wichita, Kansas, offers a distinctive setting for social work education. A wide range of resources are available for student internships and practicum placements in both the urban Wichita, Kansas, metropolitan area and more rural surrounding areas which compare very favorably to any social work program in Kansas.

We offer both Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) and Master of Social Work (MSW) programs. The BSW is a Bachelor of Arts degree with a social work major. The BSW program was initiated in 1967 by Edward H. Tuttle, who graduated in 1934 from the Municipal University of Wichita, which later became Wichita State University. The MSW program was initiated in the fall of 1999, approved by the Kansas Board of Regents.

School of Social Work Mission

The mission of the School of Social Work at Wichita State University - is to prepare students for competent and ethical professional practice in urban and rural environments. Through teaching, research, and service, the School is dedicated to the advancement of human well-being, the alleviation of poverty and oppression, and the improvement of social systems with particular attention to the diverse needs of Wichita and the surrounding region.

Program Focus – Generalist and Advanced Generalist Practice

As part of the Fairmount College of Liberal Arts and Sciences our curriculum is designed to develop generalist and advanced generalist social workers.

The BSW program's major objectives are to prepare students for direct professional practice, to prepare students for graduate social work education, and to educate for responsible community participation.

The MSW program's major objective is the education of students for advanced generalist practice in social work. The advanced generalist is adept at direct service delivery with individuals, families, groups, and communities, and also has indirect practice capabilities in the areas of supervision, administration, program development and evaluation.


The BSW Program was accredited in 1976 by the Council on Social Work Education. The MSW program received initial accreditation in June 2000, and received reaffirmation in June 2021 for eight years, through June 2029.

"The accreditation assures that the School of Social Work will continue to educate knowledgable, skilled and ethical social work professionals to meet the changing and growing social service needs of our community, state, nation and world." (Dr. Brien Bolin, 2013)