LAS I 150D - Major/Career Path Workshop (1)

An exploratory two-day workshop focusing on major and career choices. Students examine how their interests, skills and values match a major or career direction. Course includes computer exploration of possible occupations.

LAS I 150P - Introduction to Premedical Professions (1)

Offered in the fall semester. Instructors and guest speakers representing various health professions will present information in a lecture format. Introduces students to a wide range of professions, salaries, and admissions requirements. It is designed as an introduction class for freshmen.

LAS I 170 - Introduction to Library Research (1)

This online course allows the student to get help from an expert WSU research librarian. Students may use a term paper due in another course as their project. The course allows the student to become familiar with library resources they will need to use throughout their WSU academic career.

LAS I 300 - Global Issues (3)

General Education Issues and Perspectives course. Taught by faculty from many colleges and disciplines. Emphasizes challenges in the global village. May include peace and war, energy, social equality, the arts and technology, poetry and power, cultural differences, genetics, economic strategies, the environment, and health and education.