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The Archaeology of Food Laboratory is a research facility which provides training to Wichita State University Students in a variety of archaeological analyses. We specialize in the study of food remains in archaeological record, including microfossil and residue analysis.

See our list below of contract services we provide through the Achaeology of Food Laboratory

Microfossil Analysis

The Archaeology of Food Laboratory has the training and facilities to recover microfossils (pollen, starch, and phytoliths) from artifacts and sediment samples. Our expertise is in the ecology of the Southern Plains, with one of the best reference collections of starch in the region. Our most popular service is the recovery of starch and pollen granules from archaeological ceramics, which can also be paired with chemical residue analysis.

pollen grains

Email with inquiries into procedure and pricing.

Chemical Residue

Absorbed chemical residue in ceramics must be extracted before mass spectroscopy analyses. We provide extraction services for ceramics, partnered with the Mass Spectroscopy Laboratory at Texas A&M University for identification of biomarkers of interest for the identification of specific foodstuffs.

Email with inquiries into procedure and pricing.

Other Projects

The Archaeology of Food Laboratory can provide other archaeological work and analyses as within the purview of our mission. Check out our many resources below and don’t hesitate to reach out to with collaboration opportunities.

women using power corer in field

The Archaeology of Food Laboratory provides mulitple resources. See our list below.

Comparative Collections

The Archaeology of Food Laboratory hosts a variety of comparative collections for paleoethnobotanical and zooarchaeological analysis.

*Zooarchaeology: specializing in mammalian, reptilian, and avian species from within the Greater Plains.

*Starch: specializing in indigenous economic plants of the Southern Plains.

*Seeds: specializing in economic plants of the Plains.


The Archaeology of Food Laboratory has access to a variety of field and laboratory equipment.

*Laboratory: Leica DM750 microscope with polarized lens and 5 MP camera, centrifuge, vortex, electronic scale, heating plate, 3 student microscopes with cameras, Dremel

*Field: Cobra TT percussion auger for coring up to 10 meters, full archaeological excavation equipment including shovels, trowels, screens.

Physical Space

The Archaeology of Food Laboratory is currently located in 202 Neff Hall on the Wichita State University campus. The Lab provides office and research space for associated graduate students and research partners, which includes large communal work tops, a dedicated closed-door wet-lab, reference collection access, and a separated kitchenette.


The Archaeology of Food Laboratory is happy to host tours for middle and high school students or to come to your classroom for a show-and-tell of what archaeology is! We have activities available for different levels of kids and often collaborate with the Lowell D. Holmes Anthropology Museum for a fun STEAM field trip experience. Email for potential collaborations.

wichitaArchaeology of Food Lab
Dr. Dozier hosts young students as part of the Archaeology of Food Lab's outreach efforts.