Studying anthropology gives students the opportunity to work toward a bachelor's degree while combining studies from three separate subdisciplines. Students will benefit from a diverse range of courses, with opportunities for student-faculty research and internships in many different settings—opening doors to a wide variety of career paths.

Major in Anthropology

At least 30 credit hours, including:

ANTH 101 

ANTH 102 

ANTH 103 

ANTH 647

At least one from the following upper-level archaeology courses:

ANTH 305               ANTH 538

ANTH 313               ANTH 611

ANTH 335               ANTH 612

ANTH 508               ANTH 613

At least one from the following upper-level biological anthropology courses:

ANTH 356               ANTH 597R

ANTH 555               ANTH 600

ANTH 557

At least one from the following upper level cultural anthropology courses:

ANTH 303               ANTH 388               ANTH 540

ANTH 307               ANTH 506               ANTH 542

ANTH 312               ANTH 511

ANTH 318               ANTH 515

ANTH 327               ANTH 522

ANTH 344               ANTH 526

ANTH 361               ANTH 528

An additional 9 credit hours of electives in anthropology.

Up to 6 credit hours of courses in related departments can be counted if approved by the anthropology advisor. 

Minor in Anthropology

At least 15 credit hours,  ANTH 101, ANTH 102,  and ANTH 103 are encouraged for students minoring in anthropology. At least 6 credit hours consist of upper-level course work, chosen in consultation with the anthropology advisor.