For more information about Skeleton Acres, please contact the department at (316) 978-3195 or We look forward to your applicaton!

"Skeleton Acres" sign in an open field

Skeleton Acres Research Facility

Skeletal Acres Research Facility (SARF) is a local research facility was developed by department chair, Dr. Peer Moore-Jansen. Here, students with the department of anthropology conduct research in mortuary and forensic anthropological investigation and recovery. The site is also used for teaching classes in fieldwork and investigation, for mock excavation and crimescene recovery, and training of law enforcement. Skeleton Acers Research Facility offers the opportunity for students to perform research in forensics, arson, ballistics, decomposition, and taphonomy. This lab and research facility are useful for individuals interested in biological, forensic, bioarcheology, and faunal analysis.

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