Graduate Teaching Assistants

We regularly have 12 Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs) at any one time. The number we hire each year depends on the number that graduated the year before and funding availability. GTA positions are chosen in the Spring semester, typically in March or April. All positions begin in the Fall semester.

GTA positions are part-time, temporary work that averages 20 hours a week. In exchange, GTAs receive a small stipend and their tuition is paid by the university. Most semesters GTAs will teach two sections of COMM 111 Public Speaking, although occasionally GTAs will be tasked with doing different work for the department. In addition, GTAs attend a bi-weekly staff meeting and hold office hours in the Public Speaking Lab.

Teaching assignments are made after GTAs have registered for their own classes to avoid conflicts. While we may be able to work around other outside commitments, that cannot be promised. We recognize that students often have other jobs to supplement their income, however a GTA position is a job as well and there may be times when the two conflict. Please consider carefully other job commitments before applying to be a GTA.

Click here to view and download a fillable version of the GTA Application!

GTA Training

Before beginning a GTA position, all selected GTAs must take COMM 750C in the pre-session before Fall semester. This class teaches GTAs how to teach the COMM 111 Public Speaking class, walking through each section of the class and giving tips on grading and other pedagogy. In addition, it is an excellent way to get to know the other GTAs. Most GTAs become a collaborative group sharing class activities, advice, and other teaching tips. These friendships often begin in this class and last for decades.

In addition to the 750C class, the Graduate School also has a required GTA orientation/training that ESC GTAs must attend. The orientation usually falls during one of the class days of 750C and students will be released for the orientation/training. The Graduate School will email GTAs more information in the weeks before. The Graduate School and the university offer other trainings throughout the year. Some are mandatory for all teaching instructors and some are not. Please take any mandatory training seriously or you may be released from your GTA position. Again, GTAs will receive more information on those as they come up.

GTA Health Insurance

The graduate school offers optional discounted health insurance for GTAs in the Fall and Spring semesters. You do need to register before EVERY semester that you want coverage. There is more information here:
For questions about costs, deadlines, the coverage itself, etc., that aren’t answered on the website above, contact the graduate school. Please note that there is NO health insurance over the summer even if you are teaching a class or two for the department. 

GTA COMM 111 Fund

Fees collected from the sale of the COMM111 handbook are reserved for research and training opportunities for GTAs. These funds can be used for travel to conferences, research materials, research participants, etc. If you are interested in applying for this funding, please contact the graduate coordinator.  

Further information may be obtained from:
Dr. Lisa Parcell
Graduate Coordinator
The Elliott School of Communication, Wichita State University, Wichita KS 67260-0031
(316) 978-6064