PAdm 702: Research Methods in Public Administration

3 Credit Hours


Course Objectives:

  • Basic understanding of research methods associated with data collection and instrument design for survey research and program evaluation
  • Gain ability to conceptualize and operationalize, which provides a foundation important for analyzing empirical evidence associated with Public Administration 802
  • Understanding of sampling theory which is essential for statistical analysis associated with Public Administration 802

Course Description:
This course uses a combination of lecture, class discussion, examinations and applied projects to demonstrate the principles associated with the scientific research process. Course content emphasizes survey research and program evaluation techniques. Students are required to design a survey instrument and defend the content of the instrument focusing on validity and reliability. The final examination in the class features the development of a research proposal for a program evaluation. The final examination requires student to understand and apply the major research principles that they have learned during the semester. Sampling theory is emphasized in the class to prepare the students for statistical analysis (Public Administration 802).

Major Topics Covered:

  • Scientific Research Process and Ethics in Research
  • Overview of Research Designs and Causality
  • Conceptualization - Operationalization in the Research Process
  • Research Design: Survey Research
  • Sampling Theory
  • Research Design: Qualitative Methods - Field Research/Direct Observation
  • Research Design: Policy/Program Evaluation