PAdm 760: State and Local Economic Development

3 Credit Hours


Course Objectives:

  • To develop a conceptual framework, a working definition and an understanding of economic development activities in states, cities and counties.
  • To assess and develop an understanding of economic development theories, practices, policies, incentives, site selection, and financing tools.
  • To understand the role of state, city and county government in economic development.
  • To develop an awareness and appreciation of the politics and the complexities of and conflicts between economic development and evnironmental quality, job preservation, community growth, historical preservation, NIMBY, NIMEY, BANANA, zoning, land use planning, marketing, infrastructure development, quality of life, annexation and other factors influencing economic development.
  • To develop a working knowledge of economic development pracitices in local government through readings, case studies, assessment of completed and pending projects, guest lectures by economic development practitioners, and by analyzing state and local economic development practices and projects in states and communities.

Course Description:
Explores the roles of state and local governments and officials in economic development through the use of case studies. Examines financing in economic development from the perspectives of public purpose and community objectives.

Major Topics Covered:

  • Theories of economic development
  • Tools of economic development
  • Business attraction and retention
  • High technology, education, and development
  • Understanding the local environment
  • Managing economic development