PAdm 825: State and Local Government Administration

3 Credit Hours

Completion of core courses or consent of instructor

Course Objectives:

  • To refine skills in case analysis, that is, in applying knowledge and skills developed from coursework in public administration to problem solving in administration of state and local governments
  • To observe top-level public managers in state and local governments, develop an original case study with a mentor in state or local administration, and gain insight into the knowledge, skills, and emotional qualities that allow managers to shape the environments in which they work
  • To refine communication skills through the analysis and discussion of cases in state and local administration and through the preparation and presentation of an original case study
  • To assess personal competencies in emotional intelligence and prepare a personal plan for developing those competencies for professional success in state and local administration
  • For pre-service students: to prepare for an internship or initial professional position in state or local administration

Course Description:

  • Course is designed for students nearing completion of MPA degree and emphasizing public management. Course exposes students to the ideas and practices of public managers, primarily local public managers, through case analyses, mentoring by public managers, and preparation of original case study guided by public manager.

Major Topics Covered:

  • Managing smaller communities
  • Inter-local relations
  • Appointing department heads
  • Ethics
  • Managing information technology
  • Inter-local contracting
  • Budgeting
  • Internal Reorganization
  • Local environmental regulation
  • Program elimination