PAdm 870: Fundraising and Financial Management for Nonprofit Organizations

3 Credit Hours

PAdm 765: Public Sector Economics
PAdm 865: State and Local Government Finance

Course Objectives:

  • Introduction to funding research: identification of prospective government, foundation, corporate, and individual contributors.
  • Develop an understanding of basic elements of a funding application or proposal.
  • Learn and practice analysis of financial statements in order to make sound resource management decisions.

Course Description:

  • Prospect research, proposal writing and financial management are essential aspects of effective nonprofit management. The course begins with an introduction to fundraising from public (state, local and federal government) and private sources (individuals, foundations and corporations). It continues by engaging students in analysis of financial statements (balance sheet, revenue and expense statement, cash flow statement and notes) budget preparation (operating, program and capital).

Major Topics Covered:

  • Government grants and contracts
  • Funding research
  • Proposal writing
  • Financial statements
  • Budgets