Three Ways to Participate in National Radon Action Month

1. Engage on social media. Encourage your network to learn something new about radon exposure at home by posing the question: Have you tested your home for radon?

  • Use our social media toolkit with graphics and messaging to share posts and pictures with your Facebook and Instagram followers.
  • Create an online pledge for your followers to encourage them to take radon action by testing their homes for radon.
  • Share a video, infographic or radon-themed image.
  • Host a live Q&A with one of your healthcare professionals to answer questions about radon.

2. Post Flyers and Brochures. Print our informational posters and brochures to put in your patient waiting areas. 

3. Start asking patients about radon. Use our handy "Patient Discussion Guide" to help educate your team on how to start asking simple questions that could save lives.

  • Subscribe to our radon email list to recieve a free copy of our radon patient discussion guide to distribute to your healthcare team.
  • Add the question to your patient health questionnaires: "Have you tested your home's radon levels in the past two years?"

And no matter how you choose to participate, be sure to take photographs and videos to show how you celebrate National Radon Action Month and share it out on social media and tag @SOSRadon!

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