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The EFC partnered with tribal communities in EPA Region 7 to develop planning and marketing materials to support future Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Drop-Off events. Events like this allow community members to improve the chemical safety around their homes through proper identification and disposal of HHW.

The following resoruces are available for download to assist communities with HHW drop-off events:

Additional Resources

General Resources

Household Hazardous Waste - US EPA - Includes basic information about the safe management of HHW and reducing HHW in your home.

HHW Contractors and Collection Centers

The Iowa Waste Reduction Center has a list of hazardous waste management companies.

Iowa Regional Collection Centers

Kansas does not maintain updated lists of licensed HHW disposal contractors. To identify potential service providers, search for “household hazardous waste disposal contractors” using your preferred browser.

Kansas HHW Program Contacts, Regions and Facilities (see Appendix A-C of SFY 2021 Report to the Legislature)

Kansas Recycles Database (select items under Household Hazardous Waste to identify programs that accept those materials) 

Missouri does not have a list of licensed HHW disposal contractors, but the state does maintain contracts with a few service providers.

Nebraska does not maintain updated lists of licensed HHW disposal contractors. The Nebraska Department of Energy and Environment does have a Waste Service Providers Directory, but it has not been recently updated.

Nebraska Household Hazardous Waste Collection Centers 

Nebraska HHW Collection Events/Facilities

The South Dakota Department of Agriculture & Natural Resources maintains a list of hazardous waste management firms.

Additional Hazardous Waste Disposal Contacts

Training Opportunities

In Kansas, Barton Community College provides a 24-hour training on household hazardous waste. Visit their website to learn about customized trainings, or contact Jeff Walker, Environmental Compliance and Regulatory Specialist, Kansas Department of Health & Environment (, 785-291-3764) to ask about upcoming classes offered in parternship with KDHE.

The Nebraska chapter of the National Safety Council offers a range of hazardous materials trainings. Learn more about offerings on their training webpage or contact them at 402-898-7371 or

Federal Regulations

Federal Hazardous Waste Regulations

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