Industry Funded Projects

Potential projects can be presented by industry representatives, for instance, in our Computational and Applied Mathematics seminar (Fridays, 1-2 PM) or our Mathematics Lecture Series (Fridays, 3-4 PM). Ideally this selection process should start by the spring or summer before the start of the academic year.
Projects from industry on the WSU Innovation Campus are particularly welcome and will be solicited.

We will follow the model of the Clinic at University of South Australia. An outline of some project features include the following:

  • The projects should solve or investigate mathematical problems of interest to the industry sponsor and last approximately one year, depending on the complexity of the problem.
  • Teams of 4 to 5 undergraduate and graduate students will be guided by an MSP faculty advisor with appropriate skills.
  • The active input of a representative from the sponsoring company will be required.
  • The industry funding will be negotiated and may involve expenses such as release time from teaching for the faculty advisor, stipends for students, summer support, and charges for computing.
  • The benefits for the students, in addition to learning some new mathematics and getting introductions to potential industry employers, may include satisfying WSU’s required `applied learning experience’, appropriate course credit, and work leading to MS and PhD degrees.
  • Formal progress reports and final reports on the projects will be prepared and presented by the students. When possible, presentations of projects at professional meetings, such as the annual Fall conference of the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) Central States Section, will be encouraged.
  • Joint publication of results in appropriate journals will be encouraged depending on industry proprietary restrictions.
  • For projects of sufficient substance, MSP faculty can apply for supple mental external funding to agencies such as the National Science Foundation.

Dedicated office space will be made available in WSU’s Jabara Hall where MSP faculty is housed,
in addition to any space on the Innovation Campus.