Program Description

As more and more industries see the benefit of using analytical data to improve business practices, big data and data science career opportunities are exploding. The Master of Science in Mathematical Data Science is one of the three distinct albeit aligned interdisciplinary MS data science programs available at WSU that will equip students with the necessary expertise to meet global demand for data science professionals.

The Master of Science in Mathematical Data Science focuses on the mathematical foundation behind data analysis methods. This program intends to produce professionals who can communicate the principles of data science statistics and analytics as well as assist with the design and implementation of data systems. Earning this degree can help you gain not only in-depth mathematic and statistical understanding of data analysis methods but also a broad skill set that can be applied to a vast number of tech-related careers in data analysis, data engineering, and data architecture.


Most full-time students can complete the degree program within two years. Part-time students are also welcome.

Admission Requirements

Students will be admitted to full graduate standing in the mathematical foundations of data analysis program if they have the equivalent of an undergraduate major in mathematics, have a grade point average of at least 3.0 in mathematics and computer sciences courses, and meet graduate school admission requirements.

Students may be admitted on a conditional basis if they do not have all the prerequisite

Applications for admission should be submitted to the graduate school. The dean of the graduate school requests that the department then evaluates the applicant's academic record and makes a recommendation concerning admission. Final action and official notification of admission is done by the Graduate School Office.

Detailed admission requirements Apply to the program

Degree Requirements

To complete the MS in Mathematical Data Science degree, students must earn 30 credit hours from the following list of courses. An oral comprehensive examination is required of all degree candidates.

Detailed course requirements