Financial Assistance

There are two basic forms of financial assistance available to undergraduate students. One source of assistance is through the University's Financial Aids Office. The other is from scholarships which are available to students majoring in mathematics.

The Scholarship application is at the LAS webpages.

The following is a list of Scholarships available to students majoring in mathematics:

Jeneva J. Brewer Scholarship

The Harry E., Bob A., and Helen M. Christopher Memorial Scholarship

Josephine B. and Justus H. Fugate Mathematics Scholarship

Arthur J. Hoare Scholarship Fund

Dr. Amy C. King Scholarship

The Marjorie McMahon Scholarship Fund

Pi Mu Epsilon Mathematical Scholarship

Darry L. Winfrey Fund

Further information about scholarships can be obtained from the chair of the departmental Scholarship Committee:

Dr. Alexander Bukhgeym, Professor