Nhung TranChinese language student

 “Because I am part Chinese, language to me is important. And if I’m not able to speak a language that is part of me, part of my   ethnicity, I don't feel complete. “

 “I really recommend that students take Chinese at WSU because it is more intensive and I think they learn more in a class. “

 “I think I am a bit more well-balanced and well-rounded now. Language is important to me and learning to speak the language is very satisfying.”

Nicole JackChinese language student
“My major is education. And I want to specialize in teaching English, so I want to experience what it’s like to learn a second language. And I wanted to choose something that is difficult for me as an English speaker, so I chose Chinese to hopefully see how it is to help and improve me as an English teacher“

“I think it’s a really good program. I’ve learned a lot, not just in language. It helps in general skills. For me, it helped me know how to teach and also interact with people who speak other languages than I do. I think it’s good for any person to grow that way.“

Courtney Huslig
“Wichita State may be one of the few schools in the region that has the Mandarin courses like we do, and we have several levels, not just a beginning and then 'oh you’re done.' It definitely builds upon itself. And it’s a good way to meet other students both in the classroom, and outside of classroom, we have a large Chinese student population here. So you get that practice in that I don't necessarily think you can find in other universities.“

"It taught me a lot of self-discipline that I thought I need. It also showed me that I could do something that difficult and something a lot of people here can't do or won't do. It also helped a lot overseas when I did go to China.“

“For students that wants to learn Chinese, do it! It is definitely one of those classes where everything you put into it is what you’ll get out of it. If you want something that’s not your typical language to learn, and it’s going to be challenging and require a lot of focus from you and discipline, Chinese is definitely the way to go. Also, if you really like Chinese food, you can learn how to impress your friends with the menu and say, ‘that’s not how you say it.’“

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