Spring 2021 Physics Seminars

Supported by the Eddy and April Lucas Fund. Talks are open to all for free

Wednesdays 2:00 to 3:00 PM

Seminars will be online through Zoom. The meeting id is 94420060756 with passcode 128.

Date Speaker Title Recording
3 Feb.  --- --- ---
10 Feb. Dr. Oleg Kamaev, Canadian Nuclear Laboratories Ltd, Chalk River , K0J 1P0, Canada Canadian Nuclear Laboratories' Initiatives in Application of Cosmic Muons to Nuclear Security and Safeguards not available
17 Feb. Prof. Terrance Figy, Wichita State University Introduction to High-Performance Computing at WSU YouTube
24 Feb. Prof. Michael Coughlin, University of Minnesota A Technical Ecosystem to Enable Multi-Messenger Astrophysics YouTube
3 Mar. Dr. P. Albright, HRL A Career in Physics Outside the Academy YouTube
10 Mar. Dr. Shannon Ray, AFRL The Purification of 3-Level Quantum States and Surfaces of Ignorance YouTube
17 Mar. Prof. Fred Sarazin, Colorado School of Mines, Golden, CO The Search for Ultra High Energy Cosmic Ray Origins YouTube
24 Mar. Prof. Mercedes Peniccia, Univ. of Geneva, Switzerland High-Precision Measurements with the AMS Experiment on the ISS YouTube
31 Mar. Prof. KC Kong, University of Kansas Particle Physics in the Computing Frontier YouTube
7 Apr. Dr. Abhishek Kumar, Marine Biological Laboratory Leveraging Computer Vision with Advanced Optical Imaging YouTube
14 Apr. Prof. Karl Unruh, University of Delaware Ultrafast Optical Pump/X-ray Probe Measurements of Nanostructured Solids YouTube
21 Apr. Dr. Linda Cremonesi, Queen Mary University of London The Secrets of Neutrino Interactions in the NOvA experiment YouTube
22 Apr. 2:00 PM Earthday Prof. Michael Ranney, UC Berkeley (look for connection information here!) Ten Quick, Tested Ways to Reduce Denial of Human-Caused Global Warming: Skeptics Welcome! YouTube
27 Apr. 12:00 PM Prof. Carlo Rovelli, Aix-Marseille University, France (Watkin's Public Talk) Event Poster Making Sense of the Quantum: Do Things Exist by Themselves? YouTube
28 Apr. 2:00 PM Prof. Carlo Rovelli, Aix-Marseille University, France (Watkin's speaker) Event Poster Black Holes and Quantum Theory: Can a Black Hole Become White? YouTube
5 May Prof. Christian Bauer, Theory Group Leader, PI Quantum Computing, Physics Division LBNL Quantum Computing for Collider Physics using Effective Field Theories YouTube

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