What is the Model United Nations?

The Wichita State University Model United Nations is a class that teaches students about the many activities of the UN around the world and prepares them to participate in regional and national Model UN conferences.

What do you do at the Model UN conferences?

Students serve as delegates at the conferences, representing the interests of a different country on mock United Nations committees. Other schools represent different countries. The ultimate goal at the conferences is for the delegates to write resolutions that try to solve many of the global problems facing countries around the world. Committee topics range from addressing the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, to reducing the spread of HIV/AIDS, to protecting the rights of women and children.

How do you prepare for the conferences?

Students begin by selecting which committee they will serve on and learning more about the topics that that committee addresses. Once they have a basic understanding of the issues, they research the position the specific country that the delegation is representing on those issues. Finally students write a position paper summarizing their country's interests.

What are position papers?

Position papers are 1 to 2 page summaries of the topics each committee is addressing and the specific position of one country on those topics.

When are the MUN conferences?

There are two conferences in that students attend, thus the commitment to the group is a full year commitment. Each year students participate in the American Model United Nations conference in Chicago in November. On alternate years they attend the National Model United Nations conference in New York, or an international conference in the late Spring. Students will be absent for a total of two weeks of class to participate in the conferences. These are officially excused absences, but students will still need to make up any work or exams that are missed.

How much does it cost to participate?
 The Model UN is funded by student government and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Travel expenses, registration, and lodging are paid for by the club (members will pay for their own meals on the trips).
 Can I get class credit for my participation?
 Yes. Model UN is supported by the political science department, with a faculty member of the department serving as instructor and advisor to the group. Students register in the Fall for POLS 153/353 (you can receive credit twice for participating for two years).  The course is three credit hours.
 How often does the MUN meet?
Model UN meets weekly throughout the Fall semester. A lot of material and research information is passed on at these meetings and members are expected to attend regularly.