Psychology Department's Graduate Programs of Study

Clinical Psychology PhD Program: The clinical psychology PhD program provides concentrated faculty mentoring and supervision in a supportive learning environment. The curriculum contextualizes clinical science and applications within a broader social-ecological or community perspective and provides practicum experiences that closely parallel seminar course work. 

The following core faculty within the clinical program are open to taking new students for the Fall of 2024: Nabiha Chaudhary, Brendan Clark, Rene Patrick, and Samantha Slade. Any interviews will be conducted virtually.

Community Psychology PhD Program: Community psychology graduates gain theoretical foundations in psychology which provide the basis for community research and practice including the social, developmental, biological, and cognitive foundations of psychology. Students can expect to gain community-based skills in the 18 Competencies of Community.

Human Factors Psychology PhD Program: The Human Factors psychology PhD program is designed around the belief that the best way to train people to function in an applied environment is to provide training as an experimental psychologist with training in specific areas of human factors. The curriculum provides a strong foundation in the basics of psychology, experimental design, and analysis, while at the same time promoting research and application in the technological environment of today. Students are expected to have interdisciplinary strengths in the sciences, mathematics, computer technology, and other fields.

2018 GRASP presentors

Psychology graduate student presentors at GRASP 2018