Optimize is sensitive to our client’s needs, and we will tailor our services to meet your project goals quickly and proficiently. Optimize is an academic-based research lab that has experience providing the following services:

Optimize Team

Our Purpose

Optimize is a user-centric research group at Wichita State University. We aim to be the leading provider to IMPROVE customer products, ADVANCE user-centric best practices, and DEVELOP new HF/UX practitioners via experiential learning.

We have experience designing and evaluating user interfaces, testing the usability of technology in many domains, and conducting research in applied human-computer interaction. View the services Optimize offers.

We have served many companies across the life cycle of their products. We focus on how users learn to use a product to achieve their goals and their satisfaction during the experience. We produce results to optimize products in being Useful, Usable, Desirable, Findable, Accessible, and Credible.

Optimize is a collaborative research team made up of research scientists, Human Factors professors, consultants, and most importantly graduate students. Our main academic function is to provide real-world experience to Human Factors graduate students who excel as HF/UX professionals for our clients after graduation. 


Optimize is staffed by three full-time personnel with training in Human Factors and experience evaluating products and improving user experience. The Leadership team executes the administrative responsibilities related to conducting research with the University: writing proposals, creating budget/quotes/RFPs, securing IRB approvals, and completing payments to your participants.


The Optimize office is on the Wichita State University campus. We are an academic-based research and usability laboratory housed in a newly remodeled, vendor neutral space. We have dedicated space for hosting multiple concurrent studies, transitional space to meet specific client needs, and conference meeting rooms. Our lab is located near visitor parking, ADA compliant, and easily accessible from a main entrance.


Contact Information

Wichita State University
McKinley Hall, Room 102
1845 N. Fairmount St., Box 34
Wichita, KS 67260-0034
Carryl Baldwin, Ph.D
(316) 978-3058

Carryl Baldwin Ph.D.

Here is a link to our Human Factors Psychology page for more details in the work that we do.