Graduate Students

Program Last Name First Name Email
Community Abernathy Danette
Community Aguila-Gonzalez Amanda
Clinical Ali Erah
Human Factors Altman George

Human Factors Armijo Adam*
Clinical Armstrong Jacob
Clinical Ballout Mouhamad H.

Clinical Bauman Amy
Human Factors Beran Robert
Clinical Borosky Jesse
Human Factors Bui Bill Vong +
Human Factors Canare Dominic
Community Canare Rosalind
Human Factors Chong Steven
Human Factors Connelly Monica
Community Defrain Madchen          
Human Factors Driggs Jade 
Clinical Failes Elissa +
Community Fishwick Kathryn
Clinical Hrenchir Sarah
Human Factors Hutton Abbie          
Human Factors Knopp Christina
Clinical Larson Jonathan
Community Lee Jensen*
Community Leitner-Ojeda Sara +
Clinical Lyons Grace
Clinical McGill Sarah

Clinical Miller Melissa
Human Factors Misasi-Soria Paul
Human Factors Monroe Stephen
Human Factors Morales Kevin
Clinical Moroney Krystal +
Clinical Moore Robin
Human Factors Nagrecha Shivani
Clinical Pena Marta +
Clinical Quan Huan
Human Factors Scott Dakota
Human Factors Shupsky Taylor
Clinical Skinner Ryley
Community Smith Samantha
Clinical Smith Sarah
Clinical Snodgrass Makenna
Human Factors Sutton Rachel
Community Vuong Ngoc
Community Villa Josh
Human Factors Warf Alisha
Human Factors Wilson Evelyn
Community Wren Alex

Note: * indicates the student is on a leave of absence, + indicates the student is not on campus because of internship or other obligations.