The VPC lab is directed by Dr. Rui Ni, with four graduate students, Bobby Nguyen, Joel Persinger, JP Plummer, and Brad Weber. Our research involves multiple projects concerned with the visual perception of depth and shape in stereopsis, distance perception of 3-D object in the real world, driving performance and visual information processing, and age-related differences in perception and cognition. We are particularly interested in improving older individuals’ visual performance through training (e.g. perceptual learning). The goal of our research is to understand the mechanisms underlying visual perception and cognition and to extend this research into applied areas such as driving, especially for the aged population.

Our current projects include research on:

  • Depth perception in stereopsis
  • Steering control in low visibility driving scenes
  • Collision detection in low visibility driving scenes
  • Perceptual learning on contrast sensitivity
  • Perceptual learning and older adults

Left to right:
Back row: Brad Weber, Logan Gisick
Middle row: Andrew Merry, Charles Hayes, Dr. Rui Ni, Bobby Nguyen, JP Plummer
Front row: Joel Persinger, Kelly Ha, Brighton Cavalliere