Perspectives returns!

We turn our focus this semester to reconsidering our paths as the threat of the pandemic diminishes. How do we, as members of society, agree on validated evidence, yet allow for different ways to approach it? Our multidisiplinary series addresses issues of bias, fake news, racial narratives, propaganda and sciences.

All sessions will be held at 2 p.m. via Zoom. 

April 7   "Motivated to ignore the facts: the difficulty of evidence, argument and rationality in reestablishing reality," by Jeffrey Jarman, Kansas Health Foundation Distinguished Director of the Elliott School of Communication

April 14  “Assets and deficits: establishing an African American narrative," by Mark McCormick, Director of Strategic Communications, ACLU of Kansas

April 21 "The Big Lie: Nazi propaganda, antisemitism, and the coming of the Third Reich," by Jeff Hayton, Associate Professor of History

April 28  "Who shares misinformation online?," by Mythili Menon, Assistant Professor of English and Linguistics 

May 7  "Science and bias," by Susan Sterrett, Curtis D. Gridley Distinguished Professor of History and Philosophy of Science