The Department of Women, Ethnicity, and Intersectional Studies (WEIS) is the academic home for analyzing gender in relationship to and situated within different forms of power, such as economic and social class, race and ethnicity, sexuality, and national identities. Students learn to think critically about social institutions—family, work, education, media, and the state–images, ideologies about what is accepted as “natural,” and dominant concepts of knowledge and reality. Students and faculty investigate changes in lives across the gender spectrum emerging in different national and cultural contexts and use their professional contributions to enhance the academic life in Fairmount College, at WSU, and beyond.

Plaza of Heroines

Equality in Action

The Department of Women's, Ethnicity, and Intersectional Studies (WEIS) and the Center for Women's studies serve a dual purpose on campus and in the commuity. The Department offers a major and minor through an abundance of courses. The Center acts as a campus and community resource and research center for scholarship concerning women. Unique in the state of Kansas, WEIS at Wichita State is one of the longest-standing, degree-granting, autonomous Women's Studies departments in the country. In 2022, we changed the name to reflect the true interdiscipliary and intersectionality heart of the program. Students can choose to take courses in WEIS, but also cross-listed courses in fields such as Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology, Social Work, History, Art, English, Religion, Criminal Justice, Political Science, and Communication.

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 The Department of Women's, Ethnicity, and Intersectional Studies (WEIS) faculty and staff are fully commited to providing students with a well-rounded, enriching, and gratifying learning experience. Click the link to learn more about our dedicated professors, lectureres, and other staff members.
The Department of Women's, Ethnicity, and Intersectional Studies (WEIS) hosts and sponsors many events throughout the academic year. Click the link for more information on these events. 
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The Plaza of Heroines is a space Built for women by women, located in front of the Ablah Library between Clifton and Jabara Halls. Click the link for more information and to see how you can honor the women in your life with a place at the Plaza. All proceeds go to support a student scholarship fund.