Jim Hellman

Associate Professor
Graphic Design

MFA, Kansas State University, 1995
MA, Wichita State University, 1972
BFA, Wichita State University, 1972

Jim Hellman is a Kansas native. He holds degrees in graphic design from Wichita State University and Kansas State University. Professionally, he art directed Apartment Living, Amateur Archeology, three Conoco magazines and designed numerous books for New York and Boston publishers. He has designed advertising for various local and regional banking, real estate, insurance, education, manufacturing and retail companies while working for Art for Living, McCormick-Armstrong, and Bruce Hinel Graphic Design. Hellman has taught at WSU in various capacities since 1975.

Artist Statement:
Graphic Design is a subject that fascinates me. We must communicate ideas and emotions with words and images. The assessment of success is in the results not in my thinking but in the hard cold facts of the success of the sales, attendance of the event, or interest shown by the public. The audience can be very small or the whole world. This discipline is forever changing as technology and society changes. I must be knowledgeable and understand those changes.

To teach the subject the teacher must be forever learning, mentoring and challenging. To do this I participate in almost all of the assignments given to our students. The necessary research helps me stay abreast of the changes in society and learn new topics. The design activity helps me to grow as a designer. And the production phase helps me to stay current with the technologies. Hopefully my involvement, lectures and critiques help the students to see and understand how a designer solves problems, thinks about and explores ideas both visual and conceptual, and paces the process in order to meet the all important deadline and needs of the client.

(316) 978-7709
Office: McKnight Art Center Room 311