Our students enjoy access to 120,000+ square feet of space in a visual arts complex that includes McKnight Art Center and Henrion Hall. ADCI studio arts majors benefit from access to studio space, multiple exhibition venues and new technology. Graduate students work in semi-private studios for the duration of their time in our program and have access to a dedicated graduate critique space.  

Mcknight Art Center

Mcknight Art Center

Built in 1970, Mcknight Art Center is the long-standing home of WSU's visual art programs. Boasting a three-story skylit atrium and spacious classrooms, Mcknight provides students with ample space to learn and grow as artists. Painting, drawing, print and photo media studio and classroom spaces are found in Mcknight, along with two art history lecture rooms, graphic design classrooms, letterpress studio, and computer lab.

Henrion hall

Henrion Hall

Built in 1921, Henrion Hall is one of the oldest buildings on Wichita State's campus and served as the university's first permanent gymnasium. It has now become the home for the School of Art, Design and Creative Industries' ceramics and sculpture programs and graduate painting studios, continuing its rich history as an energetic hub of student creativity. Inside Henrion, students enjoy access to woodworking, metalworking and ceramics studio equipment. Henrion's newly renovated outdoor foundry space includes a seating area for observation of metal pours performed by ADCI sculpture students and faculty.


Equipped for Success

Learn more about the tools and equipment available to students at ADCI. 

  • Well-stocked clay inventory and comprehensive glaze research lab
  • Separate plaster facility
  • 3' x 6' Brent slab roller
  • Soldner clay mixer (250-lb capacity)
  • Two clay extruders: one manual Bailey and one pneumatic AMACO
  • Bluebird dough mixer (150-pound capacity)
  • Spray booth
  • Three de-airing pug mills (for porcelain, stoneware and earthenware)
  • Two ball mills
  • More than 25 potter's wheels
  • Norton Clipper brick saw
  • Slip casting table with 30-gallon reservoir
  • Makerbot Replicator 2 3D printer & Makerbot 3D desktop scanner

Indoor natural gas:

  • 35 cubic ft. Blaauw kiln
  • 16 cubic ft. Blaauw kiln
  • 12 cubic ft. Blaauw 

Indoor electric:

  • Six Skutt kilns
  • Blaauw gradient test kiln with a firing gradient of approx. D10-D010


  • 90 cubic ft. anagama-style wood kiln
  • 54 cubic ft. train-style wood kiln
  • 35 cubic ft. catenary arch wood/salt kiln
  • 40 cubic ft. crossdraft soda kiln
  • 23 cubic ft. downdraft gas kiln
  • 25 cubic ft. natural gas raku kiln
  • 6 cubic ft. propane raku kiln
 Print Media 
  • Takach Lithography Press (Press Bed Size 34" x 60")
  • Takach Lithography Press (Press Bed Size 30" x 48")
  • Graphic Lithography Press (Press Bed Size 60" x 36")
  • Charles Brand Etching Press (Press Bed 30" x 52")
  • Chalres Brand Etching Press (Press Bed 26" x 48")
  • Takach Etching Press (Press Bed 30" x 48")
  • American French Tool Press (Press bed 44" x 70")
  • Burgess Industries Plate Maker Exposure Unit
  • Amergraph Screen Exposure Unit
  • Fluorescent Light Exposure Unit

ADCI provides high-end computers for post-production work and printers—including a large format printer—that produce museum-quality photographs. Our photo media facilities also include traditional darkrooms. Students are encouraged to experiment, challenge themselves and develop their individual voices by exploring the medium from traditional techniques such as tintype and cyanotypes to contemporary digital methods.

  • Woodshop 
  • CNC Plasma Cutting Machine
  • Welding equipment
  • Wax sculpting
  • Mold-making
  • Metal pouring in aluminum, bronze, yellow brass or iron 
Large format printers