Market-Based Non-Degree B Application for Graduate Admission Only

Do not complete this application unless instructed to do so by the coordinator of the professional development or workshop course.

This application is only for those prospective graduate students who are also licensed professionals completing specific courses through workshops or professional development sessions, also called Market-Based Tuition courses.  If one of the following statements applies to you, do not complete this application:

  1. Your intent is to receive a graduate degree from Wichita State University.  Apply using our application at
  2. You are a current or previous Wichita State graduate student who has completed a course in the past 2 years. You need to enroll through or by contacting the coordinator of your professional development course if you do not know the course registration process.
  3. You have not previously been dismissed from the Graduate School.  Instructions for readmission after dismissal can be found in the Graduate Catalog.

This application must be completed online.  Follow the instructions, complete all required fields, and attach the required verification of bachelor's degree completion.  Incomplete applications will not be processed.

This is not a graduate admission application for a degree bound program (Masters/PhD). If you are seeking a degree bound program, please exit out of this form and find the application on our main website.