Senior Rule

Senior Rule allows current WSU students the ability to enroll in classes for graduate credit starting their senior year that will count toward a graduate degree. The goal is to allow students a head start on their graduate education in the final two semesters of their undergraduate program.  Refer to the current graduate catalog for more information.  

Participating in Senior Rule

Senior Rule requires three different approvals:  the undergraduate program, the graduate department offering the course, and the Graduate School.  All three approvals must be granted or enrollment through Senior Rule will not be permitted. 

  1. Complete the Senior Rule Enrollment Form: This form is due no later than 2 weeks prior to the start of classes. A new form is required for each semester Senior Rule credit will be earned. 
  2. Submit the Senior Rule form, with all signatures, to the Graduate School.  The Graduate Program line may be completed by the Graduate Coordinator or department chair.

Limitations of Senior Rule

Classes completed through Senior Rule are for graduate credit only.  The credits earned cannot be used toward a bachelor’s degree. Students may only participate in Senior Rule for two terms and earn a maximum of 12 credit hours and must maintain a minimum 3.00 GPA in these courses. Students must also have at least a 2.75 undergraduate GPA for senior rule approval.  

Students who are receiving federal financial aid should consult with a financial aid advisor to determine if taking graduate level coursework while an undergraduate student will impact their financial aid award.

Dual/Accelerated Programs

Dual/Accelerated programs offer outstanding students the opportunity to advance their education quickly by pursuing their bachelor's and master's degrees concurrently.  A list of participating programs can be found in the Graduate Catalog. Students are able to take courses for joint credit, meaning the courses take, could count toward the bachelor's and master's degree programs.  Students who wish to participate in a Dual/Accelerated program must do the following:

  1. Apply to the Graduate School in a Dual/Accelerated program for the semester after the bachelor’s degree is completed. For example if graduating in Spring 2024, the appropriate entry term for the graduate application is Fall 2024.
  2. Complete all application requirements through the application portal.  Applicants are responsible for uploading all materials, including their WSU transcript and transcripts for all other schools attended.  The Graduate School will not upload materials for an applicant.
  3. If admission is granted, a Dual Enrollment Form must be submitted with the proper signatures. This form should be fully completed fully, including all course information. Forms with missing information will not be processed and a new form will be required.
  4. A new Dual/Accelerated Enrollment form must be submitted each semester you will earn credit through the Dual/Accel program.

Things to Note

  1. Not all programs offer admission and enrollment through this program.
  2. Students are still an undergraduate while participating in Dual/Accel.
  3. Dual/Accel enrollment does not create eligibility to hold a graduate assistantship. Students in this program are not graduate students until the bachelor's degree is earned.
  4. It is important to receive good grades for the credit you take. This will effect your graduate GPA. As a graduate student you must maintain a 3.0. GPA.
  5. Students who receive federal financial aid should consult with a financial aid advisor to determine if taking graduate level coursework will impact their aid award.