Professional and Scholarly Integrity Training (PSIT) for Graduate Students

     A. Check with your department’s Graduate Coordinator first to find out what your program requires as “Professional and Scholarly Integrity Training (PSIT)”.
     B. Read below and follow instructions if you are required to complete specific CITI training modules.
     C. If you do not complete Graduate School’s “Registration Form” first (STEP 1), your CITI results will NOT be reported to the Graduate School
     D. You should complete the PSIT requirement as soon as possible, preferably within the first year of your graduate education at WSU.

STEP 1:  Register on the Graduate School web page.
         NOTE: This step needs to be completed only once.
         • Click on to declare your intent to complete CITI modules.

STEP 2: Register as a CITI user.
         NOTE: This step needs to be completed only once.
         • Click on
         • Register as a new user:
           Choose Wichita State University or Wichita State University (SSO) as your institution from the drop-down menu  (SSO is single sign-on)
           Click on “Continue to Create Your CITI Program Username/Password" OR "Continue to SSO Login/Instructions"
           Follow the SSO instructions if you chose that option. If you did not choose SSO, or it's not working, choose the regular option and fill in all 
              required fields. Please use your email account.
           For Username – enter your WSUID (not required if you chose the SSO option)
           For CE information, for our purposes, you will select No. 
           For step six of the registration process: Please note that the institutional email is your WSU email. The category of highest degree is the degree
              you are currently seeking. Most students will *not* need to enter an employee ID number and for the role in research, most will select
              “student researcher – grad level.”

STEP 3: Add the required CITI modules.
          Click on Add a course
          You only need to answer questions 2, 6, 7, & 10
          Question 2: Select “Graduate Student Basic RCR Course” OR the appropriate class for your discipline*
          Question 6: Answer “No”
          Question 7: Answer “Not at this time”
          Question 10: This section is about COVID. If you are interested in the content, answer "Yes" and you will be provided with modules to complete on
              that subject which are NOT required for the Graduate School Professional and Scholarly Integrity Training. Answer "No" if you prefer not to review 
              those modules. 
          Complete the modules required by your program. You can repeat a module multiple times until you get a passing grade (80% or better).
              Note that you must achieve 80% or better in all modules to pass – even if the class says you passed, each individual module score must be
              80% in order for the Graduate School to consider you to have passed.
          If you filled out the online form on the Graduate School website, we will get your results each semester. If you did not, please copy your
             individual module results (or the link to them) and email them to and they will be recorded in your student record.
          Go to CITI homepage if you have to start over or need help

*Most programs will use the Basic RCR course. Anthropology and School Psychology students will select the course with their discipline in the title.