The Scientific Foundations Division (SFD) in the College of Health Professions is comprised of general and clinical health science courses. The SFD enables students to build the foundational tools early in their college career that are critical for success in the upper division and graduate coursework in health-related professions. The SFD is also home to our state-of-the-art human simulation and gross anatomy laboratories.

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Cutting-Edge Laboratories

Our state-of-the-art Gross Anatomy Lab and Human Simulation and Microanatomy Lab Complex give students the unique opportunity to work with both high-tech simulation technology and real human cadavers, greatly increasing the quality of training and education in the basic and clinical sciences. The labs help develop students’ knowledge and skills in anatomy, physiology, clinical neuroscience, pharmacology and pathophysiology. The labs are utilized by undergraduate and graduate students during their educational careers in the College of Health Professions.


Educational Tours

Educational tours are provided to high schools, colleges and health care professionals. Visit us and see firsthand how we are Leading Change in Healthcare Education.

The Scientific Foundations Division at Wichita State is designed to expand student exposure to clinical expertise of the college’s faculty, as well as the unique facilities within the College of Health Professions.