Boe Award Submission Information

The Boe Award honors the late Dr. Dennis Boe, Director of Honors at East Central Oklahoma State University. The untimely death of Dr. Boe robbed the NCHC and GPHC of a long-time leader, scholar, musician, poet, and good friend. The Great Plains Honors Council sponsors the Dennis Boe Award to showcase and reward outstanding scholarly work by the honors program/college students of its member institutions. 


Please note the following when considering submitting for the Boe Award. 

  • Honors directors/deans at each dues-paying institution may nominate up to two students to be considered for the GPHC Boe Award Competition and up to two students to be considered for the John Britt Poster Award Competition. The topics of each entry must focus on different unrelated research projects.
  • Number of semester credit hours completed by student at time of submission
    • Students who, at the deadline of submission, have earned fewer than 60 semester hours of college/university credit, AND
    • Students who, at the deadline of submission, have earned 60 credits or more of college/university credit
  • While the research/scholarship that provides the foundation for the Boe Award submissions may be mentored research, it is expected that the paper is authored by the single student who submits it. 
  • Institutions must be current on paying their GPHC dues before the submission will be accepted.

  • Submissions that do not comply with the guidelines listed here will be eliminated from the competition.  

  • Comes with a $200 award, an engraved plaque and includes eligibility for travel assistance to an upcoming GPHC conference.

  • Submissions that do not win, will automatically be included in the GPHC Conference Program.


Submissions must comply with the following:

  • Be submitted by the Honors director/dean of the nominating institution.
  • Be submitted via instructions provided on this page.
  • Students and directors/deans MUST ensure the body of the paper submission is 7,000 words or less. This maximum does NOT include the title, abstract or reference list. The paper should be of high scholarly quality and use the citation system of the academic discipline the topic represents.
  • Be taken as evidence the student is in good standing with their institution’s Honors program/college.
  • The paper must not indicate the identity of the author or the author’s institution.
Deadline and Notification
  • Boe Award entries must be submitted between Tuesday, November 30, 2021 and 5 p.m. Friday, January 21, 2022.
  • Extensions beyond the January 21, 2022, deadline will not be granted.
  • On or before March 4, 2022, students and directors/deans will be informed of the results of the competition.
What to Submit

 The Boe Award submission must include the following information:

  • Cover sheet including:
         - Name of University
         - Name of Honors Director/Dean
         - Director/Dean’s Email
         - Student’s name
         - Student’s email
         - Number of semester credit hours completed by student at time of submission:
                     A) Less than 60 credits
                     B) 60 credits or more
         - Title of Boe Award Submission
  • Provide a 50-word maximum description of your paper as you wish it to appear in the program guide.
  • Boe Award paper submission of 7,000 words or less
  • The above items must be submitted by 5 p.m. Friday, January 21, 2022.
How to submit

Please submit Boe award nominations through the oral presentation and Boe Award submissions link. You will complete all information requested and then select "Yes" when asked if this is a Boe Award submission.  Options to upload required documents will appear.