Graduate CertificateAdvanced Composite Materials

Wichita State’s graduate certificate in advanced composite materials will equip you with knowledge of materials and processes, manufacturing, and structural analysis and design—which you can put to use in your current or future engineering career.

Learn how Advanced Composite Materials
is the right fit for you.

Students working on plane in Robotics lab.
Advanced composite materials students have the opportunity to apply their knowledge to real industry problems in the Robotics and Automation Lab, part of WSU's National Institute for Aviation Research (NIAR). 


The 12-credit-hour certificate covers the following courses:

  • Manufacturing of Composites
  • Mechanics of Laminated Composites
  • Polymeric Composite Materials
  • Advanced Mechanics of Laminated Composites OR graduate-level directed studies or special topics course in a composites-related area

A minimum GPA of 3.0 must be maintained for all certificate courses with no grades below C. Students may apply certificate coursework toward a degree program.

Admission to the program

There are two paths to admission to the program:

Inside the Program

Successful NASA career started at Wichita State

When he was a high school student considering where to go to college, Alex Kanelakos looked for the best opportunity to get an education that provided real, hands-on work in his field. 

He chose WSU when he learned about its relationship with NASA. To say it worked out well for him is an understatement.
After graduating in 2007, Alex immediately got a job at NASA.

He now carries one of the heaviest responsibilities at mission control: training space station crew members for space walks in giant swimming pools, then monitoring them in space.

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