Pursue a Graduate Certificate

Current graduate students at WSU enrolled in a degree program or non-degree, category A program may complete an online application to declare an intent to pursue a graduate certificate. If you are any other type of student, or a student at a different institution, please complete a graduate admissions application online.

Once the form is submitted, the Graduate School will forward the request to the academic program offering the certificate. Once approved by the program and the Graduate School, the Registrar's Office will add the program do your academic profile. This information will show up in MyWSU as a secondary program. The Graduate School does not notify students of approval.  

Once the program is now active, a Plan of Study for the certificate program should be completed.  Once the Plan is approved by the Graduate School, the application for certificate/degree may be completed in MyWSU. Students may receive a certificate prior to completion of the degree program.

Apply now to pursue a graduate certificate Graduate Certificate Coordinators