Credit for Prior Learning

Graduate students who have had graduate-level education through traditional or non-traditional means, and can demonstrate achievement, may be eligible to earn graduate credit for that work by following the Credit for Prior learning process. 

The process begins with the department/program in which the student is pursuing their degree. The department/program must review the credentials the student provides to determine if they could consider the work to be acceptable for the award of credit for prior learning. If so, the department/program would request permission through submitting a proposal to the Graduate Council to allow any student with that same credential to earn credit for prior learning. If approved by the Graduate Council, in order for the credit to appear on any student's transcript, the student and department would include that credit on the Plan of Study. The work approved in this manner would be placed on the transcript as transfer credit, and would not impact the GPA in any way. This coursework could then be used toward degree completion requirements.