Undergraduate CertificateFoundational Public Health Practice

An undergraduate certificate in foundational public health practice (UGC-FPHP) allows students and working professionals to expand their knowledge in the fundamental concepts of public health. The certificate prepares students for navigating the healthcare system, the importance of environmental health and knowing how public health policies impact our world.

Learn how foundational public health practice is the right fit for you.

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The certificate consists of 12 credit hours, including one required course — Introduction to Public Health — and three additional courses chosen from the areas of epidemiology, communication, global health, environmental health, community development, and program planning. The certificate may be completed entirely online and can be completed within one academic year, with entry to the program allowed in Fall, Spring or Summer semesters. Students can pursue the certificate concurrently with degree programs such as biology, chemistry, physics, exercise science, pre-med, social work and clinical disciplines in the College of Health Professions and WSU Tech.

Credits earned as part of this certificate can also be applied to the Bachelor of Science (BS) in health management.

How to enroll

To add this certificate to your plan of study:

  • Log into the myWSU portal, find the Student Tools box (center of the page) and click on "Change my Major/Minor."
  • Click continue (this will show your current major and minor).
  • Click continue, then click "Add a certificate" and choose your certificate program. Click continue and submit request.