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Undergraduate CertificateHealth Science

An undergraduate certificate in health science (UGC-HS) allows undergraduate students and working professionals to expand their knowledge in the fundamental concepts of clinical health science and the health care system. The UGC-HS prepares students to navigate the health care system and provides an introduction to the health sciences.

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Students who complete this 12-hour undergraduate certificate and wish to complete the Bachelor of Science (BS) in health science have earned 12 of the required 47 to 48 credit hours, allowing them to complete the degree within two to three semesters. The certificate may be completed entirely online through a specific selection of courses. The curriculum can be completed within one academic year, with entry to the program allowed in fall, spring or summer semesters. Students can pursue the certificate concurrently with degree programs such as biology, chemistry, physics, exercise science, premed, social work and clinical disciplines in the College of Health Professions and WSU Tech.

How to enroll

To add this certificate to your plan of study:

  • Log into the myWSU portal, find the Student Tools box (center of the page) and click on "Change my Major/Minor."
  • Click continue (this will show your current major and minor).
  • Click continue, then click "Add a certificate" and choose your certificate program. Click continue and submit request.