Graduate CertificateSpace Science

Space Science is the study of the environment in space beyond the protective layer of our atmosphere. Designed for anyone already holding a Bachelor of Science in any engineering or natural science field, Wichita State’s graduate certificate in space science equips students with the skills to extend their education and employment opportunities into the growing space industry. You'll gain an understanding of what is needed to operate equipment in space, giving you a competitive edge. 

Learn how space science is the right fit for you.

Image of a galaxy in space


The certificate consists of 18 credit hours, including one elective based on your academic and career goals, and four required courses:
  • Space Science Foundations
  • Plasma Physics
  • Earth and Space Physics
  • Ethics of Space Exploration
  • Intermediate Space Dynamics or Nano-Satellite Engineering

Electives give you the opportunity to specialize in areas most pertinent to your desired course of study, and include: Radiation Physics, Astrobiology, Sun-Earth Interaction on the Atmosphere and Nuclear Particle Physics.

Admission to the program

There are two paths to admission to the program: