Master'sSpecial Education - High Incidence Alternative Certification

Wichita State’s Master of Education (MEd) in special education—high incidence alternative certification program—provides paraprofessionals holding a bachelor’s degree outside of the field of education with a route to becoming a special education teacher of record. This fully online program prepares reflective practitioners who possess both theoretical understanding and practical skills for teaching students with mild to moderate disabilities.

Learn how Special Education - High Incidence Alternative Certification is the right fit for you.

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Applied learning at Wichita State

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Admission to the program

The special education—high incidence alternative certification degree—is available for paraprofessionals holding a bachelor’s degree outside the field of education.

Admission requirements include:

  • Admission into the WSU Graduate School
  • Employment verification
  • Letter of recommendation

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Inside the Program

Cousin with autism inspires student to write book

WSU student Amy Lightfoot has authored a children’s book titled “My Cousin Lili.”

The book is the real-life story about Lightfoot and how her cousin Lilian, who has autism spectrum disorder, inspired her to understand and love people with disabilities.


The high incidence alternative certification program curriculum comprises 37-38 credit hours of online coursework and prepares you to work with students with mild to moderate disabilities. The program combines coursework, practical experience and a capstone project or thesis.


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