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Active Learning

Undergraduate Research – Scholarly Projects – Creative Activities

Stimulating active learning through an applied process empowers students to…

- engage in scholarly and creative exploration
- embrace problem-solving and critical thinking
- implement strategy and processes
- promote dissemination of work and grant writing

…while collaborating with faculty and fellow students in or out of their field/major.

Facilitated by the Dorothy & Bill Cohen Honors College the UG Research & Creative Activities Grant Program is open to all students.

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The Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities (URCA) grants program awards up to $1000 to support student research and creative/performance projects in collaboration with a faculty mentor.

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The mission of this first FYRE, FYRE in STEM, program, is to build a community of STEM students, faculty and professionals from various STEM backgrounds to support young STEM majors or potential majors as they form identities as members of the scientific community, thus improving the likelihood that they will persist to graduation. FYRE is supported by funding from the Helen Clay Frick Foundation. 

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An immersive research experience earning one credit hour towards your college education through active research. 

  • Practice teamwork with other local students
  • Expand scientific communication skills
  • Explore the features of art in science

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McNair Scholars Program

The McNair Scholars Program is designed for students who are interested in pursuing doctoral studies. Services include, but are not limited to: graduate school exploration, research opportunities, faculty mentoring and writing assistance.

McNair Scholars Program

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URCAF offers a platform through which undergraduate students may engage in the scholarly conversation by presenting new research they have conducted to the WSU community. URCAF supports submissions that contribute to this conversation from across all disciplines and using all forms of documentation. There truly are no limits to the type of submissions that will be considered, and the next winner of this juried research competition showcase may be you!

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Research Day at the Capitol

The Kansas Undergraduate Research Day at the Capitol event is an annual opportunity for students to present their research experiences with state lawmakers in Topeka. 

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Research Day at the Capitol

Professional Conferences 

Most professions have conferences which include undergraduate student presenters. Please visit with your faculty advisors to find out about your profession’s opportunities.

Entrepreneurial Competitions 

Monetize your research by competing in one of WSU’s entrepreneurial competitions!

Shocker New Venture


Shocker Innovation Corps (I-Corps)