The First Year Research Experience in STEM aims to build a community of STEM students, faculty and professionals to support STEM majors or potential majors as they form identities as members of the scientific community. FYRE is supported by funding from the Helen Clay Frick Foundation.


FYRE is an applied learning program designed to connect first-year students with authentic hands-on research experiences in a variety of STEM-related disciplines.  Students selected for the FYRE program enroll in an introductory research seminar course that exposes them to research methods and are matched with research positions in WSU labs actively involved in scholarly STEM research. FYRE students will be better prepared for advanced careers in STEM fields and will develop important skills in critical thinking and problem-solving that can be applied to careers outside of research.

  • Build a community of STEM students, faculty, and professionals that support young STEM majors as they form identities as members of the scientific community, thus improving the likelihood that they will persist in STEM majors.
  • Provide a gateway to understanding scientific research that begins early in undergraduate career to increase likelihood of continuing research projects beyond the first year.
Benefits for Students 
  • Participate in faculty-mentored research which contributes new knowledge to your discipline
  • Receive training and support in finding a research mentor
  • Be part of interdisciplinary network of peer, academic and professional mentors
  • Discover funding, career, and advanced opportunities in research
  • Honors credit
Benefits for Faculty
  • Supports academic success through increased recruitment, retention and engagement
  • Creates a network of undergraduate and graduate researchers to increase the overall numbers of WSU STEM majors, graduates and professionals
  • Matched with pre-vetted undergraduate students interested in research early in career with no long-term commitment required
  • Opportunity to recruit and retain UG researcher in your lab for 4 years
Time Commitment
  • Students should expect a weekly time commitment of approximately 1 hour of in-class meetings and 2-3 hours of out of class for homework/class-related activities for the introductory STEM research course
  • Students should plan on an additional 8-10 hours of research per week under the supervision of a faculty mentor
  • FYRE students must participate in a research poster session to be held in the last week of the semester during the class period
  • For more information please contact Dr. Moriah Beck, Faculty Director of FYRE, at or 316-978-5476