What is the Shocker Pathway?

The Shocker Pathway is a partnership between WSU Tech and Wichita State University (WSU) that allows students to begin their studies at WSU Tech and earn 50 credit hours of general education credits that will transfer to WSU. With an additional 15 credit hours at WSU, students will be awarded an Associate of Arts degree from WSU.  Shocker Pathway students have the option to continue at WSU for bachelor's degree completion.

What is an Associate of Arts (AA) degree?

The Associate of Arts degree awarded through the Shocker Pathway program is a general degree. Graduates will enjoy the prestige of a WSU degree after taking classes taught in Wichita at both WSU Tech and WSU.

What is the difference between an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) and an Associate of Art (AA) degree?

An Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree is typically offered at community or technical colleges. This type of degree is designed for students to directly enter the workforce after graduation, and typically involves a specific trade or skill. Students completing an AAS degree will focus on a particular skill or trade (i.e. Welding, Police Science, Surgical Technology, etc.) paired with a few general education courses.

In contrast an Associate of Arts (AA) degree focuses more on general education requirements. Students pursuing this type of degree are usually looking to continue with their formal education after completion of the AA or are wanting to further develop their soft skills (such as communication and problem solving, etc.) to enter the job market. AA degrees are a great stepping stone into a four year program and allow students the ability to complete their first two years of college at a much reduced cost.

Which school's tuition rate will I be charged?

Students in the Shocker Pathway will pay WSU Tech tuition and fee rates while taking up to 50 credits from WSU Tech.  The remaining 15 credits at WSU will be billed at the WSU tuition and fee rate.

Where will I take my classes?

All classes are taught either in Wichita or online. The first 50 credit hours from WSU Tech will be taken at one of WSU Tech's Wichita campuses or online, if available. The remaining 15 credit hours from WSU will be taken on WSU's campus or online, if available.

Do I have to apply to both WSU Tech and WSU?

Yes. You will begin with the application process at WSU Tech. Your WSU Tech will then assist you with the application process to become a Shocker Pathway student.

Is there a cost to apply?

No. There is no cost to apply to WSU Tech and WSU will waive its admission application fee for declared Shocker pathway students. The cost to transfer transcripts will be waived by WSU Tech.

What are the admissions requirements?

WSU Tech is an open admission college. While there are testing requirements to enroll, there are no minimum scores required. Please see the WSU Tech Enrollment Checklist for more information.

Do I need an official transcript from WSU Tech to be admitted to Wichita State?

Yes. You will need to submit your official transcript from WSU Tech to be considered for admission to Wichita State. You must also send official transcripts from all other colleges or universities you have attended.

Will transcripts sent to WSU Tech from other colleges be shared with Wichita State?

No. Official transcripts from other institutions must be sent separately to WSU Tech and Wichita State if you are applying to both. Your record with each institution is separate and is subject to the transfer credit policies and practices in place at each institution.

Will I have an advisor at both schools?

Yes. Students will receive advising from an assigned advisor at WSU Tech for classes taken at WSU Tech. While at WSU Tech it is suggested that students enroll in dual advising. Dual advising allows students planning to transfer to Wichita State to develop a plan of study, avoid unnecessary enrollment duplication, and receive up-to-date information on admission deadlines, scholarships, and curriculum changes. Students will also have an advisor assigned at Wichita State University in the appropriate academic division. It is preferred that students fill out the dual advising form as early as possible. DUAL Advising Form (wichita.edu)

What if I have college credits from another institution?

Depending on the college's accreditation, credits earned elsewhere may count toward your degree. Please have your transcripts sent to WSU Tech's Office of the Registrar for evaluation.

Can I use financial aid?

Yes. Eligible students can use financial aid.

What is the ORI 003 – Shocker Pathway Transition course?

It is a free, non-credit course required for each Shocker Pathway student as part of your transition from WSU Tech to WSU. Through this course, you will receive individualized and interactive guidance through the transition program, dual advising and general assistance with the transition process. This course is required for all Shocker Pathway students and should be taken the semester before you plan to take any courses at WSU.

How do I declare Shocker Pathway as my major?

Declaring Shocker Pathway as your major at WSU Tech is easy! Just schedule an appointment to meet with the WSU Tech Shocker Pathway Advisor.

How do I change my major from Shocker Pathway at WSU Tech?

If you've decided to pursue a different degree or certificate option while at WSU Tech, you'll want to meet with an advisor to fill out the Shocker Pathway Major Change form.

How do I get the AA degree once I've completed those hours?

After you have completed all AA degree requirements you can apply for your AA degree through your myWSU account. Need detailed instructions? Contact the LAS Advising Center at 316-978-3700 option 2 and they will be able to assist you through the process.