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Dankook University

South Korea

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Semester Dates

Fall Semester - Beginning of September until end of December
Spring Semester -
Beginning of March until end of June

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Dankook University Jukjeon campus, located roughly 1 hour from Seoul, has approximately 14,000 students. DKU offers 4 levels of Korean Language courses for exchange students and also some courses taught in English. There is no prior Korean language knowledge required. Courses taught in English at DKU include areas of study for business, music, international studies, and law. You can also take the opportunity to teach English to DKU students during the semester along with taking academic courses. DKU also offers a 3, 4, and 7 week summer program.

Summer Program
Spend the summer in Korea at Dankook University for 3, 4, or 7 weeks. There are three different summer options available; Global Village Program, Academic Program, and Korean Immersion Program. The first summer option, the Global Village Program, is an internship opportunity where you can teach English to Dankook University students for 3 weeks and then, go on to take up to two courses within the summer Academic Program for 4 weeks. The second summer option, the Academic Program, is 4 weeks long where you can take up to two academic courses. The Korean Immersion Program is 3 weeks where you take one Korean Language course. The cost varies depending on the program.