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University of Chester

Chester, UK

Website: University of Chester

Semester Dates

Fall Semester- Mid September until January
Spring Semester- Mid January until May or June (depends on exam schedule)

Estimated Costs 2020-2021 for University of Chester

Class equivalency List for University of Chester

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GPA requirement for Chester exchange is 3.25

The University of Chester is located in the City of Chester, which is approximately 45 minutes from Liverpool and Manchester. The University has approximately 11,000 students. The University of Chester offers many areas of study and is particularly geared more towards LAS majors in areas such as Literature, Psychology, and Social Sciences. Many of the courses offered at the University of Chester are only available as year-long or fall semester. Most students would need to apply for fall or year-long exchange placement. Due to high demand of students wanting to study in the UK, this is a very competitive exchange partner university for WSU students. Students must pay for at least 12 U.S. credit hours at WSU, regardless as to the number of courses they choose to take, while on the exchange.