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Université d’Orléans – France

Quick Facts
  • City: Orléans, France
  • Instruction Language: French
  • Minimum GPA: 2.5
  • Program terms available: Summer, Fall Semester, Spring Semester or Full Academic Year
  • Orléans website 
  • WSU Orléans website 
  • Subject areas: French language

Orléans, France

Situated on the banks of the Loire, one hour south of Paris, Orléans is one of the oldest cities in France. It has a remarkable natural environment and a rich history. The city proudly maintains its mix of Roman architecture and Renaissance heritage while serving as an attractive economic and scientific center. Its downtown offers a beautiful Gothic cathedral, a popular medieval square, a concert hall, and a museum of fine arts and natural sciences. On its outskirts, easily accessible by tramway, lies the magnificent Parc Floral across from the university. Orléans has a population of around 120,000 making it a peaceful place to live and return to after travels around France or other countries in Europe. Orléans has been connected to Wichita since 1944, and formalized their partnership by declaring themselves sister cities in 1973—Orléans even boasts its own Keeper of the Plains statue in the city.

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The multidisciplinary University of Orléans campus attracts approximately 16,000 students, including more than 2,000 foreign students. The school is located in a 247 acre wooded area which is one hour from Paris in the heart of the Loire Valley, which is a UNESCO world heritage site and famous for its castles. The program is designed for students who are pursuing a minor or major in French and all classes offered are in French. Students will work with the WSU French department in regards to courses and applying directly to Université d'Orléans for this exchange program. However, the WSU General Study Abroad Application must be completed first.

Université d'Orléans also offers a French language summer program which is 2 or 4 weeks in June or July.  

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Subject Areas

  • French language

Semester Dates

  • Fall: Early September to late December/early January
  • Spring: Early January to late May/early June
  • Summer: 2 or 4 weeks, dates depend on summer program chosen

Class List

Only French language classes are available at Université d'Orléans so classes will be discussed and handled with the WSU French Department. Contact Orléans Program Director, Brigitte Roussel to discuss classes.

Course Approval Form

All students will be required to complete a Course Approval Form prior to leaving for their study abroad program so that you have met with your Academic Advisor and are aware of what courses you will take during your program.


Housing Options:

  • On-campus public Halls of Residence through CROUS (Centre Régional des Oeuvres Universitaires et Scolaires), a public regional student service agency that manages student accommodation on campus
  • Private off-campus apartment/shared accommodation rental throughout the city found on your own
  • Homestay

Orléans Housing Info

Program Costs

The budget sheet is an estimate for costs associated with this program for a full semester. For summer program costs, please view the separate section for Summer Program.

Estimated costs 2022-2023 for Université d'Orléans 

You can also explore scholarship and financial aid options.
How to Apply

Application deadlines

  • Academic Year and Fall: February 15th
  • Spring: September 15th
  • Summer: February 15th

Students must meet with Orléans Program Director, Brigitte Roussel in addition to completing our application process.

Contact us with any questions at studyabroad@wichita.edu

How to Apply

Summer Program

Summer Program

  • French language immersion program: take courses in French language from beginner to B2/C1 level
  • Program options from 2 to 4 weeks in length
  • Cost varies depending on which program you choose, but starts at $1,000
  • Housing options: Studio in the city center(meals not included) or homestay(most meals included)
  • Must meet with Orléans Program Director, Brigitte Roussel  for French credit
  • Must complete the General WSU Study Abroad Application (see How to Apply section)
  • More info about Orléans and WSU

Orléans Summer Program