College of Fine Arts Embraces the Internal Control All-Star Credential

Several colleges, departments, and individuals have found value in the WSU Internal Control All-Star credential, with more than 100 All-Stars earning recognition already.

Under the leadership of Dean Marie Bukowski, the College of Fine Arts has 15 All-Stars. I recently met with them to express my appreciation and inquire about their most memorable takeaways.

College of Fine Arts All-Stars

CFA All-Stars group picture

Eleven of the college's 15 All-Stars were able to attend. Those with me, from left to right, were:

  • Ray Clithero, Director of Fine Arts Facilities
  • Marie Bukowski, Dean and Professor
  • Stacy Salters, Administrative Specialist, School of Performing Arts
  • Sharla Hale, Box Office Coordinator
  • Justin Rorabaugh, Director, School of Digital Arts, and Director of Shocker Studios
  • Anne Marie Brown, Administrative Specialist, School of Music
  • Wendy Hanes, Assistant Dean, Fine Arts Dean's Office
  • Megan Ewert, Business Manager, Fine Arts Dean's Office
  • Kyla Gaston, Administrative Specialist, School of Art, Design and Creative Industries
  • David Muehl, Performance Facilities Production Technician
  • Jeff Pulaski, Director and Professor, School of Art, Design and Creative Industries

Four others in the college earned All-Star recognition, but were unable to attend:

  • Timothy Shade, Director and Associate Professor, School of Music, and Director of Bands
  • Jeannie Hernandez, Administrative Specialist, School of Digital Arts
  • Cheyla Clawson, Director and Professor, School of Performing Arts
  • Kristen Bosch, Director of Academic Advising

Most Memorable Takeaways 

To facilitate our memorable takeaways conversation, the group made mini zines (short for fanzine), an activity I saw on writer and artist Austin Kleon's blog: Austin Kleon - Zines.

Probably to no one's surprise, Dean Bukowski made a lovely zine! Here's a picture of its cover:

Picture of Marie Bukowski's zine

Here's a picture of her zine's centerfold:

Centerfold view of the dean's zine.

Lastly, a picture of the unfolded zine:

Picture of Marie Bukowski's unfolded zine

You'll find an instructional video along with written folding instructions for creating your own zine here:

How to make a zine from a single sheet of paper - Austin Kleon

If you want to know more about how you can receive recognition as an Internal Control All-Star, click the last sidebar button. The credential webpage also has a sortable list where you can see which of your colleagues have already earned recognition.