Wichita State University pursues its mission utilizing the human diversity of Wichita, the state's largest metropolitan community, and its many cultural, economic and social resources. The university faculty and professional staff are committed to the highest ideals of teaching, scholarship and public service, as the university strives to be a comprehensive, metropolitan university of national stature.

WSU's Office of Equal Opportunity analyzes the WSU workforce each year to evaluate whether we are employing women and people of color (Hispanic/Latino, Black/African American, Native American/Alaska Native, Asian and Pacific Islander) at the expected rates given the demographics of the qualified labor pool. To do this, regular positions (half-time or greater) are clustered into job groups, then the demographics of each job group are compared to the demographics of the qualified labor pools from which we hire for that job group. When there is a significant gap between our employment rate for women or people of color and their availability in the qualified population, the university strives to make extra efforts to recruit qualified members from the underutilized group.

Please contact Courtney D. McHenry, CAAP, CDE, at 316-978-5257 or courtney.mchenry@wichita.edu for a copy of the 2019 Affirmative Action Plan.